Organic Farming

One of our primary competitive advantages, distinguishing us in the market, is our commitment to organic agriculture and farming practices.

The growing consumer demand for organic products reflects a broader societal shift toward healthier lifestyles, evident in the $227 billion valuation of the organic food market in 2021. The continuous rise, with a 50% increase in global organic production from 2010 to 2020, underscores the sustained demand for organic offerings.

Whether driven by lifestyle choices or ethical considerations, the move towards organic aligns with the broader trend of embracing plant-based or vegan diets. At ESAD, we adhere to organic farming methods, utilizing compost as fertilizer and eschewing GMOs and pesticides. Recently obtaining NOP and EU certification from Bioagricert assures that our produce is entirely organic, from soil to plant.

Moreover, Egypt ranks as the 4th largest exporter of herbs and spices globally, with exports valued at $102.7 million. Notably, 53% of these exports are received by the United States and Germany, highlighting the international significance of our agricultural contributions.